Photographer in  Luxembourg

Tetiana Popyk (Tanita), was born in Ukraine in 1988 and has since become a distinguished photographer. Since 2020, she has been making waves in the vibrant photography scene of Luxembourg.

With over 15 years of experience behind the lens, Tanita specializes in a diverse array of photography genres, including commercials, media, editorial, and art projects. Her journey has taken her across borders, honing her craft in Europe and Turkey before settling into a dynamic dual-country lifestyle between Luxembourg and France.

Tanita’s work has garnered recognition from prestigious publications worldwide, including features in esteemed American and European magazines like Pump magazine (USA, April 2021), Gmaro (America, July 2020), StyleCruze magazine (USA, November 2020), HautePunch Mag (Canada, May 2021), Moevir magazine (France, November 2020), and even gracing the pages of VogueItalia (Italy, April 2021; January-February 2023).

Known for her ability to craft mesmerising and unforgettable images, Tanita firmly believes that photography transcends mere documentation—it’s an art form. While anyone can snap a photo, it takes a seasoned professional to transform it into a true masterpiece.

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