Photographer in  Luxembourg

Tetiana Popyk (Tanita) was born in Ukraine in 1988 and from 2020 she is working in Luxembourg. 

Experience of Tanita in photography is more than 15 years. She specializes in commercials, media, editorial and art projects. She was working abroad, in Europe and Turkey for several years. Now Tanita manages to live in 2 countries: Luxembourg and France. And collaborates with well-known brands and publishes in such American and European editions as: Pump magazine (USA, April 2021), Gmaro (America, July 2020), StyleCruze magazine (USA, November 2020), HautePunch Mag (Canada, May 2021), Moevir magazine (France, November 2020), VogueItalia (Italy, April 2021; January-February 2023). 

 This photographer creates memorable and fascinating pictures. She believes that photography is an art, everyone can take photos, but only a professional creates a piece of art. Unique prints interpretation of her experience and imbues her work with a personal and emotive visual character. “Photography can express more senses than only words can do it”.

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